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I was fortunate to see about 100 shows between 1985 and the time Jerry Garcia passed away, including three New Years Eve shows. Every concert was special, and that's why I would frequently bring my camera. I took all of the pictures of the Dead that appear on these web pages. I hope you enjoy them!

I saw most of my Dead shows while I was an undergraduate in collage. It was a care free period in my life and my time spent following The Grateful Dead are interwoven among many fond memories. After Jerry passed away I was not motivated to see many concerts. Time passed, I was married, bought a home, had a few  kids, and was living a life which more closely resembled that of an adult. 

One fine day some friends of my mine and my wife (who have kids in the same play group as our children) invited us to Bob Weir's Rat Dog concert in Los Angeles. The concert was great, and being among Dead Heads again after a few years of absence was a wonderful feeling. Towards the end of the concert Bob played "Touch of Grey" and that's when it hit me. My life has changed in so many ways in these few short years.  I wouldn't turn back the clock or change a thing, but at the same time I now understand what it means to have a touch of grey. That night I logged onto Network Solutions and to my surprise was still available. I reserved the domain name, and put together these pages to give you a glimpse of my few years seeing Grateful Dead shows.

 "The wheel is turning and it wont slow down"